Is it more expensive to work with Best Bands than to contact the groups individually?

Definitely not. The cost is the same as working directly with a band, or in many cases we can land you a better price or get some extras included free of charge.

Is it more effective to browse the bands or submit a general inquiry?

It's totally up to you. If you fill out an inquiry we can quickly get you a shortlist list of bands that are available on your date, in your price range, and selected according to your musical preferences and needs.  Browsing the bands based on where your event is being held is also an effective way to connect with specific bands about pricing and availablilty, and get a call from the band leader. Feel free to do both if you have the time. We're here for one reason, to connect you with the band that will make your wedding/event a huge success.

Are all the bands you work with shown on the website?

Although we have a lot of great bands listed on the site we also have some extemely talented and popular options that are not. Just fill out an inquiry form and we can show you all the options available for your date and budget.

Is the band shown in the photos/videos the one that will be playing my event, or do the groups use rotating musicians?

Our bands have the same line-up week in, week out. You can count on getting the band you booked and not a line-up of stand-ins.  That being said, all of the bands we work with are consumate professionals with seasoned and qualified substitute players at the ready should they be needed in an emergency.


Find the perfect band for your wedding or other event.
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