“Music sets tone for your entire event.”
— Martha Stewart

Reasons a Live Band beats a DJ Every Time

Live musicians bring personal energy and excitement to an event, which a single DJ playing pre-recorded music can’t hope to achieve. As a talented live band begins to play, it immediately creates a festive atmosphere and a sense of shared celebration. When high energy band members engage with each other and the audience it’s contagious. Great performers know how to make a personal connection with their audience. The dynamic interaction extends among your guests, who might not be familiar with each other, to create a more relaxed and cohesive group. Band members also know how to encourage shy and reluctant audience members to make their way to the dance floor. A great wedding band will make your guests want to get up and dance. 

How often do most people get to experience a live band other than at a concert? A wedding is  your opportunity to present friends and family with a personal and memorable gift, a treat in a very special setting. 

Weddings receptions tend to be multi-generational. An experienced group of musicians usually perform a variety of songs in different styles, and are able to be more flexible than a single DJ can be.That versatility is worth a lot. When children are among the guests, a professional band can choose songs, music, and lyrics to engage and delight them. A seasoned band will also pay attention to reach the older generations with music that speaks to them makes them feel included. 

Musicians who play in groups are used to thinking on their feet and can handle unexpected situations. If there is a delay or last minute change, they have the skill to jump in to keep guests entertained, and move the event forward smoothly. Professional wedding bands also know how to adjust to the moods of a crowd. When you book a live band, you will be putting your reception entertainment in capable hands as a live band will go with the flow, adapting spontaneously. Live bands are able to read their audience, thus allowing the wedding party to relax because the band has it under control.

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