The First Dance: Perfect Songs for this Special Tradition

One of the most popular wedding traditions, the First Dance of the Bride and Groom, has been around longer than you might think. As far back as the 16th century in Europe, the First Dance at a special event, such as a costume ball, was a way of honouring special guests–typically someone from the aristocracy and often the most highly ranked individuals in the room. 500 years later there aren’t many occasions for formal dancing, but weddings are an exception where the tradition of honoring special guests through a first dance lives on. 

Your first dance as a couple is a tradition worthy of special attention. The song for the dance is a very personal choice and should reflect you as a couple in some manner, such as your past together or where your relationship is heading. Thankfully there are a myriad of song choices to choose from – everything from traditional to silly and fun . Be sure to talk to your wedding band members to see if the one you choose is either already on their song list or could be added in time for your special day.

Here’s a list of songs we feel will be popular choices in 2020 for this important wedding tradition. 

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